High-end cutting tools

The Engineering Division of Forbes began its journey with the manufacturing of Spring Lock Washers and expanded its capabilities to manufacture a range of precision cutting tools under the brand Totem.

High-performance cutting taps

High-performance cutting taps

Spiral Point Taps (SA)

Spiral Point Taps are also known as ‘gun nose taps’, ‘bull nose taps’ or ‘chip drivers’. These taps have the same dimensions as a hand tap, but have the cutting face ground back relative to the axis of the tap, for the lead portion.

This gives the flute a better cutting action, requiring less power, and pushes the cut material forward, allowing free flow of coolant along the flutes to the cutting edge. The flutes are not ground as deeply as for hand taps, giving the tap greater strength. They can, therefore, be run at higher speeds.

Ideal for machine tapping of through holes, or blind holes where there is enough clearance beyond the threaded portion, to accommodate the swarf.

Spiral Flute Taps (SB)

Spiral Flute Taps are used to produce a thread close to the bottom of a blind hole and thus have a very short lead. Ideal for use on materials which form a long continuous stringy swarf, rather than chips. They are also better to tap a thread in a hole where there is a break in the material.

Straight Flute Taps (SC)

Straight flute taps have the same dimensions as hand taps, with a lead chamfer of 1.1/2 threads. The flute & rake angle are designed as per the application. Ideal for tapping on grey cast iron, S.G. iron, and steel. The chips produced are short or powder type due to the special design of the tap.

Forming Taps (SD)

Forming Taps are otherwise known as ‘roll’, ‘fluteless’ or ‘polygon’ taps. Ideal for chipless production of threads in ductile materials such as copper, aluminium, soft brass or steel and are suitable for blind-hole as well as through-hole applications.

HSS Hand Taps

These are straight flute general purpose taps and are most economical tools for use on production runs. Ideal for both machine or hand tapping and are best on materials that produce chips, or where the swarf breaks readily.

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Solid carbide drills

Solid carbide drills

We manufacture the full range of high-performance drills - machine steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous, cast iron and superalloys. Our in-house design workbench is capable of delivering custom solution drills with high-performance geometries.

Solid carbide end mills

Solid Carbide end mills

We are the market leader in India for high-performance solid carbide end mills, manufacturing for automotive, auto parts, medical, energy and power, railways, and general engineering sectors.

We also make end mills for the aerospace and defence industries. Ideal for die and mould, roughing, milling graphite, and nonferrous materials.

High-speed steel drills

High-speed steel drills

Manufactured from high-speed steel, our HSS drills boast of excellent performance on a consistent basis. Our long length and extra long length HSS drills are ideal for deep-hole drilling requirements.

Tungsten carbide rotary burrs

Tungsten carbide
rotary burrs

Totem Burrs are manufactured using high-quality carbide on latest world-class CNC machines with auto-loaders to guarantee the best accuracy, precision, and repeatability. The EN-24 shanks used are precision turned and ground to ensure the least possible run out.

The burrs are Tin and TiCN coated. This increases tool life, reduces cutting forces, improves machinability and provides better chip evacuation.

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